Global Money Week at Terramar Museum

Global Money Week at Terramar Museum

KRALENDIJK- From March 21 until March 27, 2022 Terramar Museum will be hosting Bonaire’s first Global Money Week. A financial awareness campaign for youth organized by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). 

‘Build your future, be smart about money’ is this year’s theme for Global Money Week.

GMW is an annual global awareness raising campaign on the importance of ensuring that young people, from an early age, are financially aware, and are gradually acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve financial well-being and financial resilience.


Terramar Museum says they are honored to have been given the license by GMW to be able to host this event on Bonaire and are making an appeal on community of Bonaire to join them. 

The Terramar museum can be contacted at or by sending a whatsapp to +599 7014700.

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