Good performances of Bonaire in Arequipa Peru

The sports delegation

Kralendijk – Last 30 November a sports delegation consisting of chess, athletics, swimming and judo went to Arequipa Peru to take part in the interscolar games of Consude. This was led by the head of the Indebon, Peter Silberie.

According to Silberie the young people, notwithstanding the height of the city and the high humidity, knew how to compete with the four sports chess, swimming, athletics and judo. Although they did not win the prizes, the young athletes have improved their personal records. Many athletes from other countries had to give up and had to be given oxygen because of the altitude. However, the Bonairean athletes have succeeded in completing all their sports disciplines. As far as judo is concerned, brother and sister White won the fifth place in their category. According to Silberie, the Bonairean delegation has made so much publicity in Arequipa Peru that the other 11 participating countries are keen to get to know Bonaire. Next year the South American interscolar games of Consude will be held in Paraguay.

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