Government of Bonaire with accelerated collection of leasehold monies

The Government of Bonaire will start with the accelerated collection of monies owed for leasehold properties.

Kralendijk– The Government of Bonaire (GOB) says they will soon start with the accelerated collection of outstanding monies for leasehold properties. The accelerated collection will be carried out cooperation of the Tax Office Caribbean Netherlands (B/CN) and -if needed- bailiffs. Holders of leasehold lands who do not meet their financial obligations will be approached to pay either the complete amount owed, or to at least agree on a payment schedule for monies owed.

The GOB warns that, should the titleholders of the leasehold land fail to meet their obligations, the lands could be seized and auctioned off to cover monies owed to the government.

Government says it will also put special attention to those lands with some form of construction on it to suggest that building is taking place, while in reality, there is no construction going on. Many holders of leasehold lands put some sort of construction on the property to put the leasehold land up for sale, which is not allowed under the conditions of the leasehold agreement. The government says it wants to stop speculation with leasehold lands.

The government warns those who hold leasehold properties to start construction within the allotted time frame, to avoid that the leasehold land will be confiscated and awarded to others on the waiting listed to obtain a piece of leasehold land.

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