Government Bonaire comes with a new basic shopping basket

Commissioner Hennyson Thielman providing information about the new campaign. Photo: Public Entity Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – In an attempt to limit the consequences of inflation for the population, especially for the least well off, the government is launching yet another new programme: BonKompra-Plus.

The action is a follow-up to the earlier Bon-Kompra initiative, which was judged to be reasonably successful at the time. 

The new program was set up in collaboration with the Economic Affairs Unit of the Department of Spatial Planning and Development (R&D), the Supervision and Enforcement Department, UNKOBON, Fundashon Tienda pa Konsumido Boneriano and the supermarkets.

‘Bon Kompra Plùs’ is a basket of 38 basic products, each with a maximum price. In the context of price control, Government wants to ensure that the products in the basic basket are not sold above fixed maximum prices.

The supermarkets have been involved in the process from the start and have been given the opportunity to actively participate in the introduction of the price measure. The intention is that a maximum price is applied for both a non-branded product and a specific brand of that product.


The basic basket includes vegetables, fruit, rice, coffee, meat and canned goods, baby food, but also sanitary towels and diapers. The prices and the composition of the basic basket will be evaluated regularly.

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