Government Bonaire starts again with vaccination in barios

KRALENDIJK – From Tuesday, February 8, 2022, residents of Amboina, Antriol, Nort’i Saliña, Rincon and Tera Kòrá can get the corona vaccine or the booster shot in their neighbourhood.

 The Public Health department is going into the neighborhoods again because it is sometimes difficult for residents to go to the sports center in Playa to get the jab. Last year, residents could also get the corona jab or the booster jab on special days in the district themselves.

The booster shot offers good protection against contamination with the omikron variant. A person who has had the booster shot is less likely to get infected and also less likely to be hospitalized.

At home

There are people who are still unsure whether they want the corona shots or the booster shot. During Ban Bakuná den Bario they can ask their questions to the local prick doctor. If a local resident is unable to come to the injection site in the neighbourhood, the injection doctor can visit that person. In that case, the resident must first call 0800 0900 to get the jab at home.

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