Government of Bonaire to restore 15 wells on the island

The Pos Bara Karta (stack of cards) is one of the wells to be restored.

Kralendijk- The Executive Council of Bonaire plans to restore no less than 15 wells on the island. The restauration includes repair of windmills and tanks. At present, many of the iconic windmills on the island can no longer be used because of the condition in which they presently are. The first wells to be restored are the Pos Bara di Karta, Wanapa Pos and Dos Pos Rincon.
The selected wells are commonly used by local ‘kunukeros’. The recovery of the wells is part of the project “Erosion and nature restoration”. The project also includes restoration of major dams around both Kralendijk and Rincon. The project is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
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