Government Commissioner Francis worried about low vaccination rate St. Eustatius

Government Commissioner Francis worried about low vaccination rate St. Eustatius

ORANJESTAD- Government Commissioner Alida Francis has once again expressed her concerns over de fact that the vaccination grade on the island remains low and the fact that the amount of people coming in for first or second vaccine shots has come to a virtual standstill. 

“As Government Commissioner I come to your to express my concern that the number of Statian residents taking their first or second shot of the vaccine has trickled to a virtual halt, coinciding with the fall in new cases”, according to Francis. 

Francis is of the opinion that this is a concerning development, because the island cannot endure a fresh spike. “The impact on us, our jobs, our lives and livelihood could be severe”, warns Francis. . 

According to the Commissioner, she knows that the issue of vaccination is what she calls a ‘contentious and vexing one’. Francis also says she understand that some people may remain hesitant and that it is okay to have questions and to disagree. 

“Let me make it extremely clear here that this is not about the vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated – as I have repeatedly stated from the start of the pandemic almost two years ago. Statia needs all hands on deck if we are to tackle this virus. What is at stake, however, is the welfare and well-being of everyone who lives on this paradise that we call home”.


Francis in her statement also points out to the fact that the vaccines are deemed safe by the experts and  that there are little known side effect to the application thereof. The Commissioner also says she understands there is much incorrect information circulating about the vaccines. She calls on residents to ensure that they listen to the advice of real experts on the matter.  

Francis concludes here statement, by making an appeal on the residents of the island. “Let us do it for you, for your families, friends and loved ones. Let us do it for Statia. And, let us do it for the healthcare worker whom you know, whom you love and cherish and trust; the fatigued and worried healthcare worker who desperately needs our support”.

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