Government employees last to hear about impending departure of Governor Rijna

KRALENDIJK – The employees of the Public Entity Bonaire (PEB) had to take note of the departure of ’their’ Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna through the Dutch media yesterday morning.

The news was first published on a Dutch news site. Only about an hour later, a press release was issued on Bonaire by the communications department of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN). The communication department of the Public Entity itself did not post a message on the social media channels of the local government until Monday evening at 8 o’clock PM.


The way in which Rijna’s farewell was announced fits in perfectly with Rijna’s style, who always showed a preference to communicate through Dutch newspapers about matters concerning the island. For example, residents had to read in the newspaper Trouw that the Governor felt that the island was prostituting itself through tourism.

The news about the construction of the so-called Sunset Beach Park, next to the Chogogo Resort, was also first published on a Dutch news site. Only after protests from the local press, the news was also sent to local media.

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