Government of Bonaire encourages citizens to use reusable items

Cleanup actions by volunteers make a big difference when it comes to eliminating plastic from nature

KRALENDIJK – The Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) encourages citizens to use reusable items as much as possible to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in the island’s nature.

While the OLB indicates that steps have been taken towards a plastic-free Bonaire, more can be done. “The public entity of Bonaire encourages everyone to use reusable items whenever possible. As residents and visitors of the island, we all have a responsibility to keep our environment and nature clean and healthy.” As examples, the OLB suggests bringing your own utensils, drinking cup, or thermos. Additionally, the OLB points out that for shopping, it’s best to bring a sustainable shopping bag.

Beach Cleanup

However, the OLB goes even further and encourages residents and visitors to participate in cleanup actions such as a beach cleanup. “Participating in a beach cleanup is one of the ways to reduce litter and plastic. Various volunteer organizations organize these weekly. We invite everyone to support this movement and participate in these activities. Together we make Bonaire cleaner and more beautiful!”

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