Government of Bonaire Working on New Sustainable Mobility Vision

Participants on behalf of the Public Entity. Photo: Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK – The public entity of Bonaire (OLB) states that by developing a new vision for mobility on the island, they are taking a significant step towards sustainable progress. With the island’s growing population and a focus on sustainability, the OLB aims to promote the use of clean vehicles and other forms of sustainable mobility.

“To realize this mobility vision, the OLB has invited stakeholders to collaborate on a vision that aligns with Bonaire’s culture, future, and desires. Therefore, in collaboration with Marc van der Seijs, an expert in mobility and behavioral change from the consulting firm & Morgen, sessions are being organized in August,” according to the press statement.

During these meetings, trends and developments are being discussed, and work is underway to shape Bonaire’s new mobility vision. Sessions started on August 17 with government officials, followed by sessions with external stakeholders on August 24 and 31.

Crucial step

According to commissioner Hennyson Thielman, the new mobility vision is a crucial step toward a sustainable future for Bonaire. Collaboration and strategic partnerships lie at the heart of their ambition to develop Bonaire sustainably. “Support from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the involvement of public entities enhance our efforts to change mobility standards on Bonaire and reduce our ecological impact.”

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