Sint Maarten

Government of Sint Maarten reportedly wants to sell shares in WINAIR

WINAIR has high expectations of routes which are flown with the recently acquired ATR Aircraft. Photo: ABC Online Media

PHILIPSBURG – Various media outlets reported on Wednesday that the government of Sint Maarten would like to sell their shares of the Sint Maarten-based airline WINAIR.

The government of Sint Maarten is WINAIR’s largest shareholder, with about 93% of the shares. The Kingdom of the Netherlands holds the remaining shares. Minister of Finance, Ardwell Irion, says it is a good time to seek new shareholders for the airline.

According to Irion, WINAIR is currently performing well. Additionally, capital is being sought to purchase two DHC-6 ‘Twin Otter’ aircraft that are currently leased. This will further reduce operational costs. Furthermore, an expansion of flights to the region is planned with the newly acquired ATR aircraft.


WINAIR is crucial for the connection with the two smallest BES islands, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Additionally, flights to Bonaire are operated twice a week via Curaçao.

Somewhat peculiar is the fact that the proceeds of a potential sale of WINAIR shares is also included in the 2024 budget of the Country.

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