Government will repair damage to slave huts Bonaire

Especially the white slave huts, some of which are located very close to the coastline, are threatened by the sea. Photo: PEB

KRALENDIJK – The Public Entity Bonaire (PEB) is aware of the damage caused by, among other things, the sea to slave huts, which are closest to the sea.

This is what the PEB says in response to publications in the media about the poor condition of some houses. The R&O department has now investigated the situation and has drawn up a plan not only to repair the houses, but also to protect them against future damage.

At the same time, the PEB explains that, due to its location on the coast, a permit must also be applied for. “The permit is required on the basis of the Nature Management Regulation (Island Decree Underwater Park Art. 28 and Island Decree Nature Management Art. 8) to guarantee the protection of nature. To prevent further damage, the Nature Management Committee and Stinapa are processing this application urgently,” the OLB explains.


As soon as the necessary permit has been granted, the repair work will start. The slave huts form a very important part of the island’s historic sights and national patrimony. 

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