Governor Oleana hands over keys to Carnival 2024

Governor Oleana together with the Carnival queens and the prins i Pancho of both the youth and big carnaval. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Wednesday afternoon, the Carnival Queens, Prince, and Pancho paid a visit to the office of Governor Nolly Oleana to receive the keys to Carnival 2024.

“My family, my brothers and sisters, have been active in carnival for many years. They have a carnival group, and I see every day how they prepare for carnival. I am very closely involved in this celebration. Everyone who contributes to this festive cultural activity showcases their talent, whether in the musical field or through a beautiful costume. I often feel proud of what people create,” said Oleana.


At the same time, the governor made a call to ensure a safe carnival and, above all, to protect children. Specifically, Oleana called for preventing hearing damage from loud music and not getting behind the wheel under the influence. “Let’s make it a beautiful celebration together.”

After the serious note, Oleana handed over the key to the Carnival Queen, Prince, and Pancho with which the Carnival celebrations are officially opened. 

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