Governor Rijna happy that privatization on Bonaire has not been taken too far

Governor Edison Rijna is happy that essential services are still provided by Government-owned companies. Photo: Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK – Island Governor Edison Rijna is pleased that the privatization of government tasks on Bonaire has not yet gone too far. That is what he said on a special day for all government-owned Companies and -foundations.

“In European Netherlands, the debate is ongoing as to whether market forces have not gone too far. On Bonaire we can be happy with the most important services that are still fully owned by the Government,” said Rijna.

The Governor feels that the ownership of Companies by the Government that it also entails an important responsibility. “We must ensure that we follow the rules of the game together, and have a vision for the future so that the Supervisory Board and management can do their job”.


According to Rijna, Government, in their role as shareholder, will further reflect on that vision for the various entities in the coming period.

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