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Governor Rijna: Please do not go to Rincon for Dia di Rincon

Kralendijk- Island Governor Edison Rijna is appealing on residents not to visit Rincon for the Dia di Rincon. This year, like was the case last year, the celebration of Dia di Rincon will take place in a virtual manner.

Rijna said that he specifically asked people who do not live or work in Rincon, to not visit the town. “There will be no physical activities. All celebrations will be virtual”, said Rijna.


The Governor warned that Police would act in a firm manner against everyone who violates the current rules which are to Risk Level 4. The Governor also warned that violations would be fined to the tune of 280 dollars per violation. This is also the case when aggression is shown to Police Officers and even in case of insults towards authorities.

The Governor also made a special appeal on the youth. “I call on you to do the right thing and observe the rules”, said Rijna.

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