Governor Rijna taken aback by aggressive reactions after closing of snack in Tera Cora

KRALENDIJK – Island Governor Edison Rijna has expressed his concerns in response to the fierce reactions received from both officials of the Enforcement & Supervision Directorate and some local residents.

“Recently reports have appeared about noise nuisance from a snack in the Tera Cora district. Inspections were carried out in response to reports of noise nuisance to the Supervision & Enforcement Department and enforcement took place on the basis of the applicable laws and regulations. The operator then decided to close itself”, according to a press statement from the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB).

“After the announcement that that snack will close, both Supervision and Enforcement inspectors and residents have received very annoying messages, which are perceived as threatening,” said the lieutenant governor.


The Governor disapproves of the behavior displayed. “It is unacceptable that people treat each other like this. Inspectors must be able to do their job for which they were hired. Residents must also be able to report to the OLB if nuisance is experienced,” Rijna writes. He calls on citizens to treat each other with respect.

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