Grand Opening of Reforestatia Nursery

Photo: St Eustatius National Parks Foundation

St. Eustatius – The Grand Opening of the Reforestatia Nursery was held last Friday afternoon, kicking off the next stage of the project. Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Steger, Director of Economy Anthony Reid, other government officials and prominent members of society gathered on the plot between Made in Statia and the solar farm. Erik Boman, STENAPA’S Director, welcomed everyone and shared the vision of reforesting the island. The On-site Manager Adam Mitchell and Stacey Macdonald, co-founder of MacandField outlined the future of the project and the positive impact it will have on water retention, hurricane resilience, erosion and wildlife.

The highlight of the event was the planting of three sea-grape saplings on the property by Mr Stegers, Mr Reid and Mr Ishmael Berkel. These trees, along with a future fenceline of gum trees (tourist trees) were placed as windbreakers for the two-shadehouses and plants to be nursed on the property.

This event followed a day after an Information Session held at Golden Era Hotel where the background, current status and the future of the Reforestation Project were shared. The highlight of the session was the need to the public to protect the trees on the island, those already established and those to be planted by the project.

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