Green light on Saba to upgrade Princess Juliana Sports Field

The Princess Juliana Sports Field in The Bottom is used for different kinds of sports. Foto: OLS

THE BOTTOM – The Executive Council has approved the plans to renovate and upgrade the Princess Juliana Sports Field in The Bottom and the appointment of a project manager for this project which is funded by the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS).

As part of this project, a number of improvements will be made, such as the repainting of the walls and woodwork, installing a new emergency exit, creating more storage, expanding of the women’s restroom and a general, thorough cleaning.

The Public Health Department, which is in charge of this project, has consulted the Planning Bureau and the Department of Public Works on this project. The Public Health Department proposed Lauren Risley, Policy Advisor – Sports, as project manager for this project. The Executive Council has approved her appointment. The scope of work has been defined and on Monday, January 30th, the tendering for the project was put out. The project is executed in collaboration with the Planning Bureau.

“The Princess Juliana Sports Field is a vital part of our sports and cultural infrastructure. This work will allow the facility to be utilized more efficiently. Once the project is completed, it will contribute to sports, a healthy lifestyle and the enjoyment of festivals and concerts,” said Commissioner of Public Health and Sports, Rolando Wilson.   

Widely used

The Princess Juliana Sports Field is a widely-used facility on Saba. Throughout the year, many sports practices, activities and competitions are held on the field. It is also used for concerts and cultural events, including the official part of the Saba Day celebrations and many events of the Saba Summer Festival.  

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