Gustovo Petro sworn in as new president of Colombia

Petro wants, among other things, strive for final peace with various guerrilla groups that are still active in the country. Photo: Juan Baretto.

BOTOTA – In neighbouring Colombia, Gustavo Petro (62) has been sworn in as Colombia’s new president on Sunday.

The new president himself is a former guerrilla fighter of the M19 guerrilla movement, while he also previously held the position of mayor in Bogotá’s headquarter. Petro was elected on a mostly left-wing agenda. For example, the new president wants to implement radical reforms in the country, which still suffers from economic inequality and drug violence.

“I swear to God and promise the people that I will faithfully enforce the Constitution and the laws of Colombia,” Petro said during the swearing-in ceremony. In addition to reducing poverty, the new president also wants to strive for peace and tranquillity in the country. He also wants more attention for the environment.

During the election campaign, Petro pledged to raise taxes on the rich, invest in health care and education, and reform the police during his four-year term in office. The National Police was exposed to violence after a violent crackdown on protests in which a student was killed by a aimed gunshot.


Petro’s presidency is also historic with the presence of the first Afro-Colombian female as vice president. It concerns 40-year-old environmental and women’s rights activist Francia Marquez.

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