Harbor master Flanegin denies logistical problems are causing empty supermarket shelves

Harbor master Flannegin denies logistical problems are causing empty supermarket shelves
Bonaire Harbor Master Günther Flannegin. Photo: Archive ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- Harbor Maters Günther Flanegin denies that cruise ships are currently causing disruptions in the transport of containers to the island. 

In conversation with ABC Online Media, Flannegin says that the port is quite busy at times, but that with good planning and some flexibility, all customers can be served well. “Especially when it comes to container transport with the Don Andres, things are actually going smoothly at the moment,” says Flanegin. After the repairs done of the so-called ‘middle pier’, Roll-on,Roll-off ships most commonly used for interisland container transport can mostly dock without any problems.

Sand and cement

The harbor master also points out that the cruise ships, which mainly moor during the day, are not even the biggest challenge. “Everyone knows that a lot is being built on the island. This requires a lot of sand and a lot of cement. The piers are largely used for that supply,” Flanegin explains.

Flanegin says that, on a global level, there are many challenges that actually have little to do with Bonaire. “There are two shipping companies that transport directly to Bonaire. Those shipping companies can currently deploy available capacity on other routes, earning a multiple of what they earn on the route to these islands.”


The harbor master says that there is very good contact with the agents of the shipping lines, who also supply goods directly from the Netherlands. “There is excellent cooperation and communication, and we are usually able to get to some kind of agreement.  With some flexibility on both sides and, for example, working during the evening or at night hours, it all works out fine.” According to Flanegin, the supermarket that complained about the problem can also expect its container this weekend. 

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