Hasty Dismissal of Statia Government Leads to Law Amendment

An amendment is needed to fix what is being referred to as 'minor issues'.
Repair Law

An amendment is needed to fix what is being referred to as ‘minor issues’.

The Hague- News site Bonaire.Nu reports that Dutch Government, in their haste to put aside the complete local government on St. Eustatius, seems to have overlooked the fact that the simultaneously dismissed Island Registrar (Eilandsgriffier) had another function, namely to act as Registrar when it comes to elections for the First Chamber of Dutch Parliament.

The government itself speaks of ‘A minor omission’. Nevertheless, a repair law (amendment) is required to restore the omission and to adjust the Act on the Public Entites Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (WolBES) and the Elections Act. These laws stipulate that the Island Registrars of the Island Councils also act as Registrar for the electoral colleges during the election of the First Chamber.

By sending away the entire local government, however, there is currently no Island Registrar on St. Eustatius. Chairman Ruard Ganzevoort (GroenLinks) of the Senate Committee for Kingdom Relations pointed out that secretary of state Raymond Knops. The minister immediately promised to come with amendment to correct the omission. It states that in the absence of the registrar the island secretary will assist the Electoral College.

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