High Expectations for ‘Masterplan 2030’ Conference Kick-off

Discussion about the further development of Tourism on the island, will be one of the topics discussed during the Masterplan 2030 Conference taking place next week. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Expectations are high for the upcoming Masterplan 2030 Conference taking place on November 6th, 7th and 8th. Entry tickets to the conference are no longer available, but the opening session of the Conference will be transmitted live on various media.

The conference will see speakers both from the island itself and from abroad. Some of the topics to be discussed during the conference are Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development, Socio-Economic developments, Sustainable Energy and Good Governance.

After the lectures on the first day of the Conference, there will be various workshops on day 2 and day 3, to elaborate on the various topics and to allow for broader interactions with the attendees.

Speakers Former Island Governor Glenn Thode and Siagnee Evertz. Other presenters are Robertico Croes from the University of Central Florida, Lawyer Frank Kunneman and former UoC president Miguel Goede.

Commissioner of Economic Affairs & Tourism, Elvis Tjin Asjoe is upbeat about the Conference. “It is imperative that we get input from the broaders society in determining the future of our Islands”. The commissioner explained that input from the society at large had also been sought for the compilation of the Governing Accord between the Governing MPB and UPB fractions in the Island Council.

Critical sounds There are, however, also some critical sounds. “Some people and even political leaders got the message that there is no more space at the conference. How can you speak about inclusion of all sounds, when you don’t ensure that all voices are heard?”, asked historian and political commentator Arthur Sealy.

The Conference will take place at the Courtyard-by-Marriott hotel, which has developed into the go-to spot for conferences and meetings on the island.

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