Highest Point Reached at St. John’s Social Housing Project

Commissioner Rolando Wilson (front) with representatives of Woonlinie and the Planning Bureau, and the crew of the contractor Emergency Man of Power at the housing project in St. John’s. Photo: Government of Saba

The Bottom, Saba- The highest point of four restored social housing units in St. John’s was reached on Tuesday, March 26. The roof is almost completed and the project is moving along.

The building in which the four units are currently being reconstructed burned down a few years ago. At the time of the fire, the building consisted of two units. In the reconstruction plans it was decided to add another floor to the building in order to create two additional units, which is welcome news for the families who are on the waiting list and in need of affordable social housing.

The Own Your Own Home Foundation on Saba and the Dutch housing corporation Woonlinie joined hands to get this project off the ground, with the input of Commissioner Social Affairs Rolando Wilson and the Planning Bureau of the Public Entity Saba.

On the occasion of the highest point, Commissioner Wilson, Woonlinie Project Leader Maarten Koster, Technical Director of the Own Your Own Home Foundation Eviton Heyliger, Head of the Planning Bureau Bobby Zagers, Planning Bureau assistants Brandon Hassell and Siem Dijkshoorn visited the location of construction.

At the location, Emergency Man of Power contractor Louis Maire Joseph and his men gave the guests a tour and provided information on the status of the project, which is funded through Woonlinie. The Own Your Own Home will manage the four units. Woonlinie is also a partner in the Under the Hill social housing project, where preparations have started for the construction of 18 new units.

The units on the first floor of the housing project in St. John’s are made of concrete and have three bedrooms each. The two units on the second floor consist of a wooden, sturdy, hurricane proof structure. These units each have two bedrooms. Each of the four units will have its own porch and cistern. The project is progressing and should be ready this summer.

Commissioner Wilson applauded the addition of four new units. “The additional houses will help alleviate the high demand of people looking to rent low-cost homes. The contractor is working very diligently to complete the project in the next three to four months. As Commissioner of Housing, I am very pleased to see this development taking place,” he said.

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