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Highest point renovation reached at San Luis School building

Thursday April 20th,was a celebration day at San Luis Bertran School in Rincon because the ‘highest point’ has been reached.

Teacher Jane Lo-A-Njoe and teacher Tica Koeks have placed a flag on the highest point of the school under the watchful eye of Nolly Oleana (RCN/OCW), Commissioner Mrs. den Heyer and teachers and pupils of Kolegio San Luis Bertran.

The school complex consists of five buildings, which are being radically renovated. This means that the roof structures are being completely renewed but also the ceilings, tile work and the sanitary facilities. The school will probably be brought into use half way the end of the big school vacation.

The renovation is being carried out by the local construction company APA Construction NV, the design is by Jacobs Architekten NV.

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