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Historic Building Restored to Former Glory

The former De Jongh family home in the Kaya Princes Marie, is a fine example of typical Bonairean building style. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- The former home of the Andres Avelino de Jongh family, located in the center of Kralendijk, is being restored to its former glory.

The work, which has been ongoing for some time, is nearing now nearing conclusion.

The BES-Reporter spoke to Edelda de Jongh, who -together with various of her siblings- was born in this house.

“As family we decided to restore our birth home and to not let it fall to pieces” explained De Jongh to the BES-Reporter. According to the Jongh, it is not yet clear what function the building will get. “There are actually a few parties that have shown concrete interest in the building, but a final decision has not been made as of yet.

The restoration of the house, which at some point was exploited as Bed & Breakfast under the name Lizzard Inn, is certainly good news for Kralendijk and for Bonaire as an important part of history is conserved in this way.

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