Historic Fish Market Bonaire restored to its former appearance

For many of the island's older residents, the colour scheme evokes nostalgic feelings. Photo: ABC Online Media/

KRALENDIJK – One of the most iconic buildings in Bonaire, the Plaza Machi Mimi on the waterfront of Kralendijk, underwent a transformation this weekend. 

The building, which originally served as a fish market and later a fruit market, has been repainted in the colours it once had in the distant past, namely dark red and white.

Although a few individuals found the transformation not very successful, most of the comments from those who saw the newly painted monument were positive.

Monument Preservation

It is unfortunate and concerning that monument preservation on the island has still not really taken off. This has already led to the destruction of historical heritage in the recent past, particularly in the core of Kralendijk.

With the construction boom of recent years, it is hoped that the executive council will now focus more on establishing and enforcing a monument policy.

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