‘Hòfi Kultural can’t be allowed to close’

Commissioner Den Heyer came out to speak to the protesters in the Wilhelmina park. ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- On Wednesday a group of visitors of Hòfi Kultural held a gathering in the Wilhelmina Park, during which they also protested against a possible closure of the venue.

The visitors also showed some activities, which normally take place in the Hòfi Kultural, so that people can see its value. “This place really shouldn’t be closed. We have enjoyed the meetings there for years and we don’t want to lose that,” said one of the participants to the gathering. 

Commissioner Nina den Heyer was present to speak with those present at the park. “I understand the concerns. There are several social organizations that are having a hard time making ends meet,” said Den Heyer.


The Commissioner also indicated that she was working behind the scenes to see how a helping hand could be offered to prevent the end of Hòfi Kultural. “I just don’t want to make false promises or create false hope. That is why I prefer to see what I can achieve before I say too much,” said Den Heyer.

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