Hòfi Kultural is threatened with closure 

KRALENDIJK – It was Princess Beatrix who, at the opening of Hòfi Kultural, in November 2018, confided to the people of Hòfi Kultural: “keep dancing, keep singing, keep making music”. But it is feared that this will come to an end on 31 December 2022. The annual contribution from the Public Body for Hòfi Kultural has been too low for years. Hòfi Kultural is therefore now sounding the alarm bells: “We may have to disappoint Princess Beatrix and with her a lot of people on Bonaire”. 

At Hòfi Kultural, more than forty elderly people play music together every week on typical Bonairian instruments such as the kwarta, wiri and sinfonia. Also, weekly visits are undertaken by twenty volunteers with vulnerable elderly people on Bonaire. Hòfi Kultural is best known for the many colorful murals that have appeared throughout the island. Artists together with youngsters and MBO students make Bonaire even more colorful than it already was. Groups of children and adults with a psychological vulnerability also make music and art at Hòfi Kultural. Hòfi Kultural is committed to more culture in primary education. By organizing meetings for teachers and cultural foundations and giving training to artists who can work in the classroom. 

These are just a few of the activities that take place at Hòfi Kultural to keep culture alive on Bonaire. All this is in danger of disappearing at the end of December when the basic funding for the organization of the activities stays insufficient. That is why Hòfi Kultural has made a proposal about what is minimally needed to continue the basic activities of Hòfi Kultural. That proposal was offered on Thursday 19 May to deputy Nina den Heyer and Timoteo Silberie, from Samenleving en Zorg.

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