Hopsital Bonaire finally willing to be heard in Island Council

KRALENDIJK – After a lot of criticism from all segments of society, the Board of Fundashon Mariadal has finally shown willingness to hold a meeting with the Island Council. This was revealed in a letter from the foundation on Friday afternoon.

“The Island Council of the Public Entity Bonaire has invited the board of Fundashon Mariadal for an informative meeting about, among other things, the ambulance flights. Although Mariadal is a private healthcare foundation with a contractual relationship with the Ministry of VWS (ZJCN) for healthcare procurement, the board of Fundashon Mariadal understands the importance the Island Council places on direct information,” according to the press release.


Mariadal states that the Board has therefore decided to accept the invitation and is awaiting a proposal for a date for the meeting.

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