Hospital admissions Bonaire increases to seven

Hospital admissions Bonaire increases to seven

KRALENDIJK – The number of daily new infections on Bonaire with the Covid-19 virus is still not showing a significant downward trend. The total number of active cases over the past weeks has remained fairly stable, with a total of between 140 and 160 cases.

It is not clear why it is not yet possible to contain the number of daily infections, although the Public Health department consistently indicates that it has a good view of the source of the infections.

Somewhat worrisome is the fact that the number of patients being treated at Fundashon Mariadal is also rising again. A new high during the current outbreak was reached on Tuesday, with a total of seven patients.

Although there are also vaccinated persons among the infected persons, understands that in most cases the vaccination offers good protection against more serious symptoms.

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