Hospital Aruba performs brain surgery with Stealth Neuro navigation

Photo: Horacio Oduber Hospital

Photo: Horacio Oduber Hospital

ORANJESTAD – The Horacio Oduber Hospital (HOH) is the first in the Caribbean Netherlands to perform brain operations with the so-called Stealth neuro navigation, thanks to its collaboration with the UMC-Utrecht.

The navigation system works like a GPS to provide accurate and less invasive navigation to the patient’s surgical treatment area. This device assists the neurosurgeon in navigating to a tumor in, for example, the brain on the basis of diagnostic recordings of the patient.

Last week, HOH neurosurgeon Dr. Greg Laclé, together with neurosurgeon Dr. Pierre Robe from UMC-Utrecht, successfully removed a brain tumor using this neuronavigation in Aruba for the first time.


This fruitful collaboration has already helped many patients since the official start in January: 18 patients could now be helped in Aruba instead of abroad.

ZJCN also regularly sends patients from the BES islands for more complex treatments and operations.

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