Hospital Bonaire uses ‘smart glasses’ for surgery

Hospital Bonaire uses 'smart glasses' for surgery

KRALENDIJK – Recently, a patient on Bonaire underwent a unique medical procedure for the second time. During an operation in the hospital of Fundashon Mariadal, a surgeon from the Amsterdam University Medical Center watched from a distance. This was done with ‘smart glasses’, so that direct digital support took place during the procedure.

This is a medical first for the Kingdom Islands. Surgeon Ralph Gadiot of Fundashon Mariadal performed keyhole surgery of the abdomen wearing smart glasses. Surgeon Jurriaan Tuynman at the AmsterdamUMC was therefore able to watch. The findings of this procedure are of great value for further treatment. The patient was back home the same evening.

The remote assessment will likely allow the patient to receive her additional treatment at the AUMC sooner. The surgeon in Amsterdam has already seen the abdominal cavity from the inside without having to perform the keyhole surgery himself.

The patient has been informed in advance and has given consent. The digital information is fully secured by the manufacturer of the glasses. This information is not stored anywhere to guarantee the privacy of the patient. This approach allows a suitable treatment plan to be drawn up more quickly. The patient does not need to be sent to the Netherlands for this. This has great advantages for both the patient and the treating team. Fundashon Mariadal will continue to investigate how this technology can be used in the future to further improve care for the residents of Bonaire and the neighboring islands.

The photos are made available with the consent of the patient and surgeons.

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