Huge upgrade for Statia Airport bar

The newly upgraded airport bar has a positive appearance on the whole airport and departure area. Photo: Statia Bar and Restaurant

Oranjestad- With renovations finished on the airport bar at FDR Airport it can be said that the passenger experience has been lifted to a whole new level. The area, which was looking pretty run-down before the renovation now looks chique and welcoming. The upgrade was initiated by new operator Gregory Pieters.

The interior design and construction was all done by Statian locals. The new bar has various nice touches. People sitting at the bar will find power outlets under the counter to charge their cellular phones while having a drink or a bite.

The new bar will be open daily from 6 AM to 7 PM.

The departure side of the airport looks much better now, after the bathrooms already received a much needed renovation under former Commisioner Astrid Tatem’s watch, combined with the new and modern looking airport bar. The initiatives show that, even if much bigger challenges still exist at the airport, improvments can be achieved on a small scale and by local initiative.

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