Humprey Jr. Wout also joins MPB party ranks

KRALENLDIJK – Humphrey Jr. Wout, known as Junny Wout, is the latest addition to the Movementu di Pueblo Bonariano (MPB) when it comes to the list of candidates for the blue party.

Wout was born in Rincon and after his schooling he worked in the administrative sector before entering the service of customs.

Wout says he has decided to join the MPB because he doesn’t just want to criticize those in charge from the sidelines. “I want to work together in a positive way on the development of my island Bonaire”.

The name Wout is not unknown in Bonairean politics. Father Humphrey Wout was a member of the Island Council in the eighties of the last century, respectively, and afterwards was a parliamentarian in the States of the Netherlands Antilles. Before his political career, Wout was active in the trade union sector, including chairman of the AFBW trade union.

Young people

“I believe it is time for young people with new ideas and energy to make a major contribution to help build our own future and that of our children,” says Wout.

Wout says that the choice for the MPB is a conscious one: “I see a modern, transparent and organized way of doing politics in them”.

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