Immigration St. Maarten now also with RADEX Border control

(L to R) CEO PJIAE N.V., Brian Mingo, Director of the Gamma Aruba  IT Solutions, Frank Baks, Minister of Justice, Anna E. Richardson, and Director of Immigration and Border Control Services Jocelyn Levenstone at the signing ceremony. Photo: Government of St. Maarten

PHILIPSBURG- The Ministry of Justice in St. Maarten has officially adopted the RADEX Border Control Management System (BCMS) to enhance immigration management. 

In a ceremony attended by the Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson and Frank Baks of Gamma Aruba IT Solutions, the BCMS was acknowledged as operational for immigration management in St. Maarten. 

The modular application includes various modules to assist law enforcement in protecting borders and managing immigration processes. The Radex system will provide monthly reports on overstays, allowing authorities to regulate and address the situation proactively. 


The implementation is seen as a crucial step toward creating a more efficient and secure border management system for the island. The acquisition of the RADEX BCMS was made possible through CAPEX funds allocated by the Minister of Finance, Ardwell Irion.

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