In spite of high infection rate Bonaire: No new measures

In spite of high infection rate Bonaire: No new measures
Island Governor Reina during Wednesday’s press conference.

KRALENDIJK- In spite of the current Covid-19 infection rate which is relatively high, the Government of Bonaire is not implementing new restrictions to prevent the further spread of Covid.

This was the main message during a press conference of Island Governor Edison Rijna and Public Health doctor Loes Jaspers. 

Currently the main problem is young children infecting one another at day-care centers or primary schools, after which they carry the virus home to infect family members at home. Governor Rijna said that the high vaccination rate on the island, did not make stricter measures necessary right now. 


No one can really explain why the infection rate stays relatively high, while Aruba and Curaçao currently see ever declining numbers. “We are experiencing a certain plateau at the moment”, says Jaspers. The doctor points out that, before figures started to decline on neighboring islands, they experienced a similar phenomenon.

Public Health will continue to work with the schools on measures to further contain new infections as much as possible.


According to Rijna and Jaspers, tourists visiting Bonaire are hardly a factor in the current infection wave. “It is really limited to residents, and especially those who have not been inoculated”, according to both Governor Rijna and doctor Jaspers. 

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