Income tax returns can already be filled out for 2021  

KRALENDIJK- The income tax returns for 2021 can already be submitted via the online platform. Since last year, this has been possible via the platform which is more effectively and guarantees the security and efficiency of the online services.

 Last year, a big portion of taxpayers submitted their tax returns online. We hope that the same will happen this year. 

The advantage of submitting your tax return online is that it is faster and easier and in most instances you can immediately see how much money you are going to get back or have to pay. In addition, a (digital) confirmation is sent out directly when the return has been submitted. You can log in at If you do not yet have an account, you can create one on the site. 


In the second week of February, the Tax Office will start sending out invitations for people to submit their returns. This will be done by post. 

This year, income tax returns must be submitted to the Tax Office  by no later than 16 May.

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