IND organizes document control training

KRALENDIJK- This week, the Immigration and Naturalization Service CN (IND CN) is organizing a training course Document Control 1 (DOC1) for its own employees and for partners in the immigration chain. In this basic training course, participants learn how to check (valuable) documents for authenticity. 

Amongst other, various printing techniques, the manufacturing process and legal aspects will be hereby discussed. Attention will be paid to various types of documents, such as passports, birth- and marriage certificates and visas with a particular focus on documents from within the region. 


The training will be provided in two clusters for a total of 18 employees of IND, SZW, the public entities and KPCN on Bonaire and Saba as well as St. Eustatius. The training is being given by Roosmarijn Sluiseman, Immigration Liaison Officer of IND working in Panama. 

The photo shows the 11 participants from the first cluster, who have successfully completed the training. The remaining 9 participants will complete the training at the end of this week.

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