Indebon provides information about planned ‘fever’ activities Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Sports authority INDEBON held a meeting on Tuesday with various local entities to inform them about the upcoming activities at the new dragstrip near Onima. Present were representatives from the Lieutenant Governor’s Cabinet, traffic police, fire department, ambulance services, and INDEBON.

On September 10th, the dragstrip will be officially inaugurated, followed by a show featuring diverse vehicles. The choice of this date stems from the celebration of INDEBON’s 25th anniversary.

Additionally, during the weekend following Dia di Boneiru, many motorcyclists from Aruba and Curaçao will be on the island. INDEBON will provide more information about the event soon.

Reducing Nuisance

It is the hope of the island’s authorities and the police that by creating necessary facilities at the new dragstrip, the illegal ‘fever’ racing on Kaya Statius van Eps will become a thing of the past.

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