Kralendijk – On Monday morning, the ambassador of India, Mr Venu Rajamony, based in The Hague (the Netherlands) paid a courtesy visit to Island Governor Edison Rijna. The ambassador was accompanied by his secretary Mrs. Mrinalini Kaur Sapra and Mr. Manish Khushalani from Bonaire.

During the visit the current developments on Bonaire and possible direct relations with the country of India were discussed. As a token of appreciation, Ambassador Venu Rajamony has handed over a so-called “coffee table book” to Island Governor Edison Rijna, entitled: “India and the Netherlands – Past, Present & Future”. The Island Governor, in turn, pinned the coat of arms and immediately explained the meaning of the coat of arms. In addition to the badge with the coat of arms of Bonaire, the Island Governor has also given the album “Bonaire Point to Point” with Bonairean landscapes to Mr. Venu Rajamony.

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