Infection rate Bonaire stays relatively high

Infection rate Bonaire stays relatively high

KRALENDIJK – Although the total number of infections with the Covid-19 virus on Bonaire is still decreasing, it is noteworthy that the infection rate remains relatively high. Although the number of new infections over the last few days has not been very high in absolute numbers,  the so-called incidence rate is still quite high.

On Saturday for example, no less than 25.9% of the test results taken turned out to be positive on followed by 19.6% positivity rate on Sunday. 


It is also somewhat worrisome that 9 people with Covid-19-related complaints are currently hospitalized. Remarkably enough, this is higher than a few weeks ago, when the total number of infections was much higher.


A stricter travel policy will come into effect on Wednesday 22 December. Travelers arriving from a high-risk area must undergo a PCR test before departure, followed by a self-test on arrival and another PCR on the fifth day after arrival. This last test must be undergone at a commercial company, which makes the journey considerably more expensive for passengers from, among others, the Netherlands and the United States.

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