Inflation in the Caribbean Netherlands further up

In the third quarter of this year consumer goods and services on Bonaire were 12.2 percent more expensive than one year previously. The inflation rate was still 9.4 percent in Q2. The increase was mainly attributable to the rising prices of food, electricity and motor fuels. This is reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) based on the consumer price index for the Caribbean Netherlands.

On St Eustatius, prices were up by 9.0 percent year on year in Q3 2022. This was 7.7 percent in Q2. The increase on St Eustatius is due to higher prices of electricity and transport. 

Saba’s inflation rate rose from 8.2 percent in Q2 to 9.7 percent in Q3 2022. The rising prices of food, electricity and motor fuels were the main cause of the inflation increase on the island. 

Prices on Bonaire 3.7 percent up on the previous quarter

Relative to Q2 2022, prices on Bonaire rose by 3.7 percent in Q3 2022. This increase was mainly caused by the rise in electricity prices (+16.1 percent). Food and non-alcoholic beverages were up 3.4 percent in price. The price of petrol went up by 13.4 percent and airfares became 4.9 percent more expensive. 

2.9-percent price increase on St Eustatius relative to the previous quarter 

On St Eustatius, consumer prices rose by 2.9 percent in Q3 relative to Q2 2022. Electricity increased by 19 percent and transport by 5.4 percent in price. The latter increase was due to 6.0 percent higher petrol prices and a 6.2-percent rise in airfares. A notable increase was seen in prices of accommodation and food services, namely 5 percent.

Saba recorded 3.2-percent q-o-q price increase 

In Q3 2022, consumers on Saba paid on average 3.2 percent more for goods and services than in the previous quarter. 

Prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 2.1 percent; electricity prices by 8.5 percent. Transportation went up 9.8 percent in price, with petrol up 5.3 percent and airfares 17.1 percent. 

Eggs more expensive on Bonaire and Saba 

In Q2, CBS reported in its news release that egg prices had increased remarkably on all three islands. On St Eustatius, eggs became 51.7 percent more expensive in Q2, while on Saba and Bonaire prices rose by 28.1 and 16.3 percent, respectively.

In the past quarter, Q3, egg prices on Saba continued to rise by 8.9 percent and on Bonaire by 8.7 percent. On St Eustatius, egg prices fell by 13.8 percent. 

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