Inspectors of Directorate Supervision and Enforcement train colleagues

Inspectors of the Directorate Supervision & Enforcment who had already finalized training, are now training their colleagues.

Kralendijk- Last year, a start was made with the first study block “Inspection and Enforcement Processes” to inspectors from the Directorate of Supervision and Enforcement (Afdeling Toezicht & Handhaving) of the Public Entity Bonaire.

The core team completed an intensive training program, in which various aspects of their inspection, monitoring and enforcement were discussed. This process began in 2014 and was completed last year. Now the team which already completed the training has started to train their colleagues in the Directorate.

Topics of the training include specific aspects of the supervision and enforcement task such as communication, dealing with resistance, giving feedback, attitude and attitude. The training also includes the carrying out of inspections using so called “Digital Checklists”. The idea is that all in the Directorate will receive the training and the training program will continue to run until the end of 2017.

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