Interim Governor Oleana refueses to lead investigation into integrity Governor Rijna

Oleana is not willing to assume a vague assignment

KRALENDIJK- Interim Governor Reynold (Nolly) Oleana is not prepared to lead the investigation, in accordance with the motion that was passed in the Island Council on that subject last week.

Oleane stated in Tuesday evening’s Island Councile Meeeting, which he himself chaired, that no one had consulted him about the willingness to conduct such an investigation. “Actually, I think it shows a lack of respect for my person, that it is decided that I should do something, when no one has discussed with me whether I would like to do it,” said Oleana.

That was not the only or the most important argument, however. According to Oleana, the investigation would burden him with a nearly impossible task, because there hardly was a framework within which the investigation should be carried out. “For example, it is not specified what exactly should be investigated, or from what period”, said Oleana.

Oleana also wondered whether the vote on the motion had been conducted correctly, in accordance with the Island Council’s internal rules, which clearly describe how a vote should be conducted.

Awkward position

As a final point, Oleana pointed out that an investigation conducted by him into Acting Governor Lieutenant-Governor into the behavior or decisions of Governor Rijna, would put him in a very undesirable positition towards Rijna. “As Governor and Acting Governor there needs to be trust between us in order to be able to function well”, said Oleana. 

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