Investigation into the increase of flies on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Bonaire is facing a notable increase in flies, leading to an investigation by the department of Supervision & Enforcement of the government (Directie Toezicht & Handhaving). The focus was on areas with the most reports. In a series of supermarkets and mini-markets, no clear cause for the increase was found, although these stores are now taking measures against the flies.

The Vector team of the Public Health Department, usually focused on mosquito control, has also conducted an investigation. A significant number of flies were found at the Selibon landfill, and agreements have been made to reduce the spread of flies there. However, these findings do not entirely explain the increase in flies on the island.


It seems that the current weather conditions are also contributing to the growth in the number of flies. The Public Health Department states that there is no major health risk but emphasizes the importance of basic hygiene measures, such as protecting food from flies.

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