Investigation shows: Adriana Morales was stabbed to death

Competent authorities this morning during a press conference gave some details of the investigation into the disappearance and death of Adriana Morales. Photo: The BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- During a press conference called bye the so-called ‘Justice Triangle’, the Police Force, Island Governor Edison Rijna and chief Prosecutor Henry Hambeukers for the first time revealed some details about the investigation regarding the disappearance and subsequent murder of Navigator of the Seas crew-member Adriana Morales.

Chief of the detective department, Alvin Braaf gave a recount of all that the Police force had undertaken as soon as it was clear that Morales went missing. A total of no less than 25 detectives had been put on the case. Braaf recounted how local authorities had also received assistance from the FBI in Miami. “As soon as it was clear that Adriana went missing, we contacted FBI in Miami. When the ship sailed into Miami, they proceeded to interview fellow crew members, search Adrian’s cabin and gather her personal effects for further investigation”, said Braaf. A FBI detective then flew down to Bonaire, bringing along Adriana’s belongings from the cruise ship.

A lot of details are still unknown about what exactly happened to Morales, and especially the timeline in which matters occurred. Chief Prosecutor Hambeukers was able to confirm that section has taken place on the body of Morales and that it has been concluded that she found her death by stabbing. However, a lot of other details are still unknown. Asked about the exact state of the remains when found Hambeukers said: “We all know our climate. A body reaches an advanced stage of decomposition quite fast. The question as to when exactly Morales was killed is a matter that will have to be determined by specialists”, according to the Chief Prosecutor.

Chief of Police Jose Rosales denied that it was information of the suspect which had led them to the site where Morales was buried. “We were able to find her, not because the suspect we have in custody led us to her”, said Rosales. According to Rosales it was ‘pure detective work’ that led to the piece of ground where Morales was found buried. Rosales indicated that there is a connection between the suspect in custody and the property where the remains of Morales have been found.

According to the authorities, they still have no clue as to the motive of the suspected killer. A lot still need to be determined. Chief prosecutor Hambeukers pointed out that it was very important to put the pieces together in order for the prosecutors to finalize their case and bring Morales’ killer to justice.

Island Governor Reina conveyed his condolences to family and loved ones of Morales. “As a father I can imagine what her parents must feel right now. It is really heart breaking”, said Reina. Reina also called on citizens to assist the Police with any relevant detailed linked to this case. “Our island is known as a quiet and safe place. This case and other recent cases threaten our society as we know it. We have to come together to solve crimes like this. I also appeal on parents to really guide their offspring to ensure they stay on the right path and grow into law-abiding citizens”, said Rijna.

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