Investment in Flamingo Airport baggage carousel aims to enhance customer experience

The new belt will be about 32’ longer, which will lead to a considerably faster flow of passengers reclaiming their luggage. Photo: ABC online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Monday morning, the press was granted a behind-the-scenes look at Flamingo Airport, where intensive efforts are underway to install a new baggage carousel. 

According to director Maarten van der Scheer, the replacement of the carousel was necessary for two reasons: the existing one had become quite old and, moreover, it had become too small to meet the growing demands. Although the exact investment amount remains undisclosed, the replacement is estimated to cost several hundred thousand euros.

The project is expected to take around four weeks, with half of the work already completed. A team from Canada is currently installing the new carousel in the arrival hall. The new carousel will be 10 meters longer than the previous one, and according to Van der Scheer, this change will make a significant difference. “It’s not just about the visible part for passengers, but also the section that remains hidden from their view. With more space, luggage can be loaded onto the carousel faster, allowing passengers to retrieve their bags more efficiently.”


The temporary inconvenience caused by the installation of the new system, most passengers have responded with understanding or even enthusiasm. “We deliberately didn’t create excessive barriers around the work area so that arriving passengers can observe the progress,” says Van der Scheer.

Duty Operations Manager Gregorio Matthew explains that additional staff members have been deployed to manage the temporary changes in passenger flow. “We have hired extra personnel from outside, and our own office staff from BIA also lend a hand outside their regular working hours,” explained Matthew.


Van der Scheer is enthusiastic about the upcoming changes. This is just the beginning of various improvements we are working on. “There will be better facilities for customs, and we will be upgrading the restrooms and renovating the restaurant area after the customs control. These ongoing improvements will be carried out over a total period of approximately eighteen months.”

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