Ir Sais ambassador of Bonaire 

KRALENDIJK – Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) and local artist Irgwin Sluis, better known as Ir Sais, have entered into a long-term partnership with the purpose of promoting the island of Bonaire through music and local cultural traditions.   

TCB also recognized Ir Sais as an ambassador of Bonaire with the signing of the cooperation and marketing agreement. This memorable event took place at Rancho Gran Chaparal, an important cultural venue on the island. 

Ir Sais: “For me it is an honor to collaborate with my island, to receive recognition for my talent and also to be part of the process of making Bonaire known.”

The collaboration is part of a new rebranding project by TCB titled ‘Repositioning Bonaire in harmony with nature and our people’. 

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