Irritation over continuous dumping of waste in nature

The area in question was recently thoroughly cleaned

KRALENDIJK – On Sunday, concerned citizens once again raised an alarm about the dumping of garbage, construction materials and garden waste in the natural environment. 

This is most certainly not the first or only incident in recent weeks in an area that had recently been entirely cleared of illegally dumped waste. In this case, it concerns the area behind the Amboina neighborhood, near Kaya Sonmontuno.

As is often the case, in this particular incident, a box with a name is clearly visible among the waste. However, it is not necessarily implied that the individual whose name is on the box is responsible for the illegal dumping. It also happens that people are paid to transport garbage to the landfill, and those who take on the job still dispose of the waste in nature.


Through the name of the person on the waste, it is often possible to trace who is responsible for dumping the debris and waste. There is an increasing call for stricter measures and the reintroduction of environmental agents who can conduct targeted investigations into the culprits of this mess.

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