Island Council Bonaire wants to seriously address car wreck removal and recycling 

With the rapid growth of the population, the problem of car wrecks is only getting bigger. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- The island council of Bonaire wants serious action to be taken to remove wrecked cars from the island’s nature and subsequently recycle them.

A motion prepared by M21 and adopted by the island council last week calls on the Executive Council to collaborate with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZK), Infrastructure and Environment (I&M), as well as Auto Recycling Netherlands (ARN) to investigate the best approach to tackling the problem. 

The introductory text of the motion notes that previous initiatives to address the problem have been unsuccessful. “This while Boneiru Limpi deserves priority,” the motion states. 

With a significant growth in the population in recent years, the problem of discarded car wrecks scattered around, often rusting away in nature, has also increased. 

The motion further notes that positive experiences have been gained in the Netherlands over the years with the processing of discarded cars, and that the resulting activities also offer new opportunities. According to the island council, a Bonaire Auto Recycling Foundation (ARB) should be established to take charge of recycling, and the necessary knowledge for recycling should be included in local training programs. 


The motion explicitly keeps open the option that the ultimate processing could be set up as a private-public organization, with the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) retaining oversight in such a setup.

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